Positive distractions

Positive distractions 800 400 Mark Crone

Running a business is extremely time consuming and it can be very easy to become distracted with non-effective business activities. However, it is equally important to find some positive distractions which can break-up the day and provide an hour or so of varying activities which can have a positive impact on promoting the business.

For me a positive distraction is the use of social media. However, when I first started using social media tools I found myself wasting a lot of time and had to be very careful in making sure that I was being productive. Having learnt the hard way, I now allow time for positive distractions to occur during my working day.

So no matter whether you are a business owner or an employee don’t always think that distractions are negative. As long as you are strict with your time and are sure that the distractions can have a positive impact on the business, then you should afford them a little time each day.