Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing 800 400 Mark Crone

Over the past decade the way customers make decisions has changed dramatically.

The use of smart phones and tablets mean that customers can use the internet anywhere, anytime in order to search and refine their purchasing decisions. It has changed the way people choose to interact with businesses and ultimately how they make purchase decisions. In fact, according to recent research 80% of people have already made their buying choice before they even contact you.

Traditional outbound marketing such as advertising and cold calling, designed to ‘buy’ customers’ attention, no longer works. With the advent of spam filters, caller ID and even smart TVs customers are hard to reach nowadays, especially if they don’t want to be reached.

Conversely, inbound marketing embraces the rise of the Internet. It is designed to help potential customers find you online. From your website to your use of social media, inbound marketing attracts the right people to your business. By creating high quality content designed to appeal to your target customers you will increase brand awareness, improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) and build a strong reputation. Ultimately your customers will come to you rather than you having to go out and get their attention.