What is marketing

What is marketing 800 400 Mark Crone

When asked, “what is marketing”, I have heard many people give a whole range of different answers. In fact, when I first started networking and told people that my focus was on providing marketing support to the SME market, the majority would take this as meaning that I provided a telesales service. Recently however, the focus has shifted and people say, “I don’t need your support, I do my own social media”.

When I rebranded my company, I chose the phrase traditional marketing, as a key part of the new name. The reason for this is that the terminology is something that I feel passionate about. My translation is that I take a traditional approach to understanding my client’s specific marketing needs. Working with them, I create a programme, which implements all of the marketing activities applicable to them. This can include brand management, direct mail campaigns, PR, advertising, e-marketing campaigns, social media, and event management.

Marketing means a whole lot of things to a whole lot of people. For me it is about adopting a series of activities that help promote a brand and build new business opportunities.