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3 steps to marketing
3 steps to marketing 800 400 Mark Crone

On occasions, there may well be a need to develop a more comprehensive marketing plan, but in most circumstances, especially in the small business world, you can follow these 3 simple steps to create an excellent marketing programme.

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The best marketing tool
The best marketing tool 800 400 Mark Crone

We must get asked at least twice a month “what is the best marketing tool for us to use”. Our answer is always the same “if we knew that then…

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Plan to do it right
Plan to do it right 800 400 Mark Crone

Marketing is a process that requires accurate research and careful planning. Everyone’s need will vary so it is critical to identifying from the outset what your customers’ needs are and…

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Inbound marketing
Inbound marketing 800 400 Mark Crone

Over the past decade the way customers make decisions has changed dramatically. The use of smart phones and tablets mean that customers can use the internet anywhere, anytime in order…

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When do you say no
When do you say no 800 400 Mark Crone

At times, especially when you have just started in business, there is often an opportunity that presents itself which is outside of your comfort zone. For example if you are…

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Telltale signs your website needs a redesign
Telltale signs your website needs a redesign 800 400 Mark Crone

For many of us the first time a potential client ‘meets’ us is on our company website. Those first few seconds are all we get to make a lasting impression,…

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Reaching more customers
Reaching more customers 800 400 Mark Crone

As you sit there mulling over how you can put yourself in the position of reaching more customers take a moment to consider your brand. Is it saying the right…

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Supporting business start-ups
Supporting business start-ups 800 400 Mark Crone

Since starting my business I have been committed to attending networking events, as they have been a key marketing component in creating new business opportunities. Attendance at such events has…

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What is marketing
What is marketing 800 400 Mark Crone

When asked, “what is marketing”, I have heard many people give a whole range of different answers. In fact, when I first started networking and told people that my focus…

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