Supporting business start-ups

Supporting business start-ups 800 400 Mark Crone

Since starting my business I have been committed to attending networking events, as they have been a key marketing component in creating new business opportunities.

Attendance at such events has allowed me to meet numerous professionals from a broad range of industry sectors. Each are highly skilled in their profession but I have been amazed at how many have settled for ‘off the shelf’ promotional material, e.g. business cards from Vista Print and a standard template website with no unique feel. I have seen the same website (with the same images) being used by people as diverse as a Bookkeeper and a Sales Trainer.

I am a strong believer that first impressions count. Many people seem to forget that it is important to be consistent with the look and feel of your company image, e.g. your brand. Your brand needs to promote your professional capabilities and this won’t be achieved if you are relying on marketing material, which is not bespoke to you.

Our branding solutions have been created because we are passionate about helping businesses to grow. However, the focus is not just on creating a bespoke logo and unique website, this is just a small component of the package. The main objective is to clearly define communication messages in order to demonstrate core capabilities. This ensures that every opportunity to promote the business is maximised.

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