When do you say no

When do you say no 800 400 Mark Crone

At times, especially when you have just started in business, there is often an opportunity that presents itself which is outside of your comfort zone. For example if you are a social media consultant you may get asked to assist with converting some of the leads that you have generated, e.g. by completing some telemarketing calls. However, as this is something that is not a service you have experience of then the likelihood is that you will not get the results your client is looking for. The resulting effect is that you have damaged your reputation as your service delivery levels fall below your normal standards.

The most obvious solution for stopping this from happening is to politely decline the opportunity. Yes there is the loss of revenue, but the need to maintain your high levels of service delivery and ultimately your reputation should far outweigh the need to create a couple of quick monetary opportunities.

On occasions there may be tough choices to make, sometimes the decision to walk away is the best one. Knowing when to say ‘NO’ is a vital skill to develop when you are running your own business.