3 steps to marketing

3 steps to marketing 800 400 Mark Crone

The biggest lesson that we have learnt as a marketing agency is not to over complicate matters and this is certainly true when it comes to planning your marketing.

On occasions, there may well be a need to develop a more comprehensive marketing plan, but in most circumstances, especially in the small business world, you can follow these 3 simple steps to create an excellent marketing programme.

STEP 1 – Define your key messaging

  • Why – This is not about making money, that is just the result. Why is the purpose, cause or belief, the very reason the company exists.
  • What – The things that make you special and what sets you apart from your competition
  • How – The products that you sell or the services you provide

STEP 2 – Complete the planning process

  • Philosophy – What is your purpose
  • Values – Ethics, integrity, care and compassion
  • Vision – Where are you going and what difference can you make
  • Mission – What is your key aim
  • The Goal – What is the principle goal and when can it be achieved
  • Strategies – What needs to happen in order to achieve success
  • Targets & Objectives – How can you succeed in your strategies
  • Performance Indicators – The measurable aspects of performance and activities

STEP 3 – Plan your marketing by answering the following questions:

  • My Current Marketing Activities Are?
  • Marketing Activities I Would Like to Try?
  • Marketing Activities That I Will Never Complete?

By taking the time to complete these straightforward steps, continually evaluating your results and trying out new marketing activities when the opportunity arises, you will be well on your way to marketing your business successfully.