Rebranding – reasoning, reflections and results

Rebranding – reasoning, reflections and results 800 400 Mark Crone

Hopefully by now you have had a chance to explore our new website and appreciate our new brand.

Now that we have completed the project we thought that some of you might find it useful to understand our thoughts behind the rebrand, the steps we went through and our experience of the whole process.

The driving force behind the decision was the growth that we had experienced over the last two years, which had in turn led to a slight re-focussing of our services.

As with any young business, you grow and develop with each new customer. We felt that we had evolved to such an extent that we needed to refresh our brand to better reflect the business we had become.

We began just before Christmas by initially looking at our brand. We spoke to business colleagues to get their honest opinions on the ideas that we were coming up with. We particularly valued their input and having someone to share the decision with. After all it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Summing up your business, your ethos, your values in your brand can be a daunting process.

Next we looked to secure our new domain name. We felt that it was an ideal opportunity to simplify our domain address and as a result our emails. We had to enter into lengthy discussions in order to obtain it, but we feel it was worth the effort.

With that secured we started to explore options for the new website. We needed to ensure that the design and the messaging portrayed who we are and what we do. We knew that we wanted to move away from a traditional website with lots of text. Our vision was to have a platform, which could portray our portfolio of work coupled with an overarching ability to convey our messaging. We also wanted it to be a useful resource that could continually showcase our most up to date projects. Another requirement was to incorporate our chosen social media channels, twitter, instagram and LinkedIn, rather than having all of the standard ones that are usually forced upon you in a website template.

As you can see this was not a quick, overnight process. It took time, consideration and input from valued colleagues before we felt that we were ready to introduce it to the world. In fact the launch was delayed several times as we carried out final tweaks and additions.

On reflection, if we were starting the whole process again, the one thing that we would do differently would be to allocate more time to get the jobs done. We are very fortunate to be busy completing work for our clients but on the flip side this has meant that on many occasions the tasks that needed completing to push the project forward, were the last on the list for the day. Meaning that it was sometimes 9pm at night before we had a chance to start them. I’m sure all you busy business owners out there can empathise with that!

Our clients and colleagues have been so generous with their feedback. They really love what we have done and above all are delighted to see a branding agency taking their own advice!

Was it worth it? Absolutely! Are we pleased with the results? Unreservedly!