Auditing your business’ marketing activities provides an invaluable tool to understand how you have generated business over the previous 12 months and then as a result, be able to make strategic decisions about what has worked and where to spend your marketing budget for the next 12 months.

How often do you actually evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing plans? Could you easily say which of your campaigns was the most effective and which generated the most return on investment? Do you know where your new customers found out about you? If you can’t answer these questions then now is the time to consider carrying out a marketing audit.

By fully understanding your marketplace, your competitors and your target audience you can begin to make effective and accurate decisions about how to target potential customers through your marketing.

Only through having a thorough knowledge of your business aims objectives and how your marketing can help you achieve them, can you truly make informed decisions on your next 12 months strategy.

A fresh pair of eyes can sometimes provide a new and impartial perspective, providing your team with invaluable information and guidance that otherwise may not have been forthcoming. Our marketing workshop enables you to have open and honest discussions, in a confidential format, about the reality of where your business is currently and how effective your marketing plans have been so far.

An objective insight can help you make informed decisions to move your business forward and set achievable and exciting business goals.

this workshop will be run by mark crone, a marketing specialist with extensive experience in delivering small business marketing programmes and project-based solutions
all participants are expected to have completed a recent review of their businesses marketing activities and be prepared to discuss in a fully confidential format
you will be provided with a 4 to 5 page marketing summary report that covers the topics and issues discussed along with the recommended marketing activities that need to be undertaken over the following 12-months

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at the enquiry stage we will undertake a short 10 minute telephone interview to ensure the workshop is suitable for you

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