The workshop is designed to be fully interactive where the facilitator encourages business owners, partners and their management teams if appropriate, to discuss and debate the state of your business today and to explore options for the future.

Taking into consideration the financial state of your business, the market opportunities and challenges, the ability of the business to maintain a profitable position whilst meeting the expectation and requirements of existing customers, employees, partners and shareholders we explore the goals and objectives for the near, mid and long term future of the business and the viability of increasing market share.

We discuss opportunities and challenges for growth and expansion, how to prepare to embrace the future whether it be to expand the product/service portfolio, how to create mutually beneficial partnerships with channel partners/distributors/resellers.

Alternatively, we can also explore the appetite and opportunity to seek investment or plan to sell the business and what steps might need to be considered to pursue these options.

Only with a clear view of the direction for the business can we move to the next step to create a tactical marketing plan that will help drive the business forward.

This workshop is designed to create a safe, non-threatening environment in which to delve deeply into the reality of today and also have the freedom to create an ideal vision of the future.  These workshops help business owners clarify a strategy for moving forward whether it be small steps forward or a leap into the future.  Even in the most uncertain of times or situations, knowing all options have been considered empowers individuals and teams to proceed with confidence and embrace their future from a position of strength.

this workshop will be run by Jenny Swift, a business development and marketing expert with extensive global experience in delivering strategic and tactical marketing programmes in the B2B sector
all participants are expected to have completed a comprehensive review of their company information and be prepared to discuss their findings in an open but confidential forum
you will be provided with a strategic direction report that covers the topics and issues discussed; the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with the future plans for the business and any recommendations for your next steps

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