During this action-oriented session you and your team will discuss and debate how to maximise the sales opportunities to existing customers, how to attract new prospects and increase market share.

By evaluation of the business development and sales activities of the company to date, reviewing what has worked or not, current challenges whether internal or external to the company, discussing the perceived opportunities and hurdles to increasing sales, we can create a clearer picture of what can be done to improve the business revenue streams.

The workshop is preceded by a review of your company’s current product/services portfolio, sales targets, sales channels and any recent customer or channel feedback surveys.

this workshop will be run by Jenny Swift, a business development and marketing expert with extensive global experience in delivering strategic and tactical marketing programmes in the B2B sector
all participants are expected to have completed a comprehensive review of their company’s activities and performance, they must also be prepared to have open discussions in a confidential format
you will be provided with a strategic business development and sales review report that covers the topics and issues discussed; the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with the future growth plans for the business and any recommendations for your next steps

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at the enquiry stage we will undertake a short 10 minute telephone interview to ensure the workshop is suitable for you

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